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The true and utter birth place of the chav. Located in East Sussex at the bottom of England, it is close by to Eastbourne. It has a few buses, that go to Polegate and Eastbourne. Yep, thats right, only two places, and no train station. But if you'd been there, you'd understand why the rest of Sussex wants to keep them closed in. There are a few spots known as "The nice bits" of Hailsham. By this they mean that as chavs go by in cars they try and spit on you, rather than mug you. Hailsham. Where the STI's are airbourne. Where a drive by isn't being shot at, it's a drive by shanking. What else can I say. Don't go there. And if your already there, get out as soon as you can. (Unless your one of the pikey chavs, you can stay in there.)
"Hey dude theres a party in Hailsham tommorow, wanna go?"

"No way man! Laura drove through Hailsham, and came out with chlamydia!"
by Rad-E July 29, 2009

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