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a term the black kids use in our school amung eachother and if used by the wrong white person usually results in an ass wooping or creats a chance u might get jumped by multiple niggas later in the day
white kid: What up nigga
Black Kid: Whach u say cracka ass fagget
White Kid: OHHH Shit (Runs Away)
Black Kid: (Catches white kid no prolbem) ima finnin to murk ur ass into next week
White Kid: Please ill give u my watch and wallet
Black Kid: Give me dat shit snowflake
White kid : Here
Black Kid: (Still bets the shit outa white kid) fukin cracka ass hoe


White Kid: What up Niggerrr
Black Kid: (POP POP POP) fukin cracka
by Racistwhiteperson May 04, 2009

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