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1 definition by Rachel112380

A Missy is a real character. Missy's can be found performing strange but hilarious skits for friends, or even perfect strangers, that will leave you wondering "What the F?"... while peeing your pants in laughter. Missy's are true friends that will always be there for you. You are lucky if you know a Missy for they bring sunshine into your day. Though they are odd, they are original and beautiful human beings.
Rachel: "Hey Missy, how you doin over there?"

Missy: "I'm ready! Got my spf 90 on, I'm wearing blue and orange, and my mommy thinks I'm "SPECIAL." ...

(she stops and does a cartwheel randomly, all while not spilling a single drop of Coor's light!).

Crowd: "Astounding!" (much applause).
by Rachel112380 July 11, 2009