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Ok we get it, you hate cheerleaders. Officially it is a sport, but I really dont think it is. I dont even understand the point to it, but everyone has to admit when we throw amazing stunts and have perfectly timed tumbling going on througout dances that no one misses a beat on, it looks pretty darn cool.

We practice 10 months out of the year and 3 hours every day after school. In summer we have 2 a days and we are in the weightroom more frequently then the football players.
We have to learn over 300 cheers, around 20 dances and learing to fly the stunts I do is no easy task.
We stand out on the track in Montana winter weather but barely feel it because there is to be no stop in the flow of sidelines.
We do not talk or move until we turn around and begin a cheer.
We march and are all perfectly in line and have constant nightmares of 5-6-7-8 AGAIN!
The ab workouts, stretches,running and jumps kill and we are always bruised or sore.
We also have to have a B average to be on the squad, and I am proud to say my best friend and I (the two main flyers) have straight A's.
We cannot wear anything slightly revealing (while our volleyball girls are running around in their bras and spandex)

Its not that easy and I can guarentee that most girls couldnt survive it and so many cant handle the responsibility. There are squads out there that are not even close to this level and I know so many cheerleaders are out there who are sluts and act like stippers. I hate those kind of girls because they make it harder for a cheerleader like me.
Heck you wouldnt even know I was a cheerleader the way I know my NASCAR facts, probly could tell you more about a car then most people, ride dirtbikes, fish, log with my dad, build houses and am the only female in the advandced shop class.

Those Polson High School cheerleaders know their stuff. Maybe its a Montana thing...
by Rachel DeLay October 12, 2007

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