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the wanting/desire/admiration of or for what another person has. Commonly confused with jealousy, but not the same.
Damn that bitch is so skinny. I wish i was skinny like her, I envy her.
by RachRunzYou March 24, 2008
is a phrase meaning everything is okay, its no big deal, it aint no thang but a chicken wang.
Nicole - "Oh shit, we're supposed to be having a party, but we dont have any fucking beer!"
Rachael - "Its all gravy, I'll call Matt."
by RachRunzYou March 24, 2008
a phrase which simply means to 'read the fucking question'. Commonly used by drivers ed teachers, and probably other teachers.
Kid - "I dont understand number 13"
Teacher - "Well, why dont you RTFQ!"

by RachRunzYou March 24, 2008
to be removed/eliminated from or no longer able to hangout/associate with a group of friends, people, a "crew", ect. Usually because youve done somthing stupid.
George - "We all fucking hate Dom."
Carl - "I know"
Dom - "Wana hangout guys?"
George - "No Dom, you've been docked."
by RachRunzYou March 24, 2008

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