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A very stubborn individual.
People who engage in political discourse are generally very pig-headed about their stance.
by RabidSquirrel83 October 25, 2005
An asian man who denies his heritage
We all knew he was asian, but I guess he is just an emlat.
by RabidSquirrel83 October 24, 2005
One who enters into political discourse with a pig-headed resolve.
I would argue with Matt about the recent decision by Tony Blair to kill all homeless people, but I know he would just be a naugle about it.
by RabidSquirrel83 October 24, 2005
An asian who 'acts' white. A more common definition is 'yellow on the inside, white on the outside'.
If chang acts any more white he will be a yoreo.
by RabidSquirrel83 October 24, 2005

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