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A very un-kool way of spelling kool. You must never say cool as this is not good it means your trying to be kool but failing badly cos u said it wrong. If you seriously are kool you will always say kool and certainly never cool. Parents often try to be 'kool' by saying stuff like cool and it fails, also they destroy awesome words such as awesome cos it doesnt suit them and it fails :L Kool can also be spelt like Kewl depending on how kool it is kewl is very cool. You can also say Double kool with knobs this stands for very very very very very kool but saying double kool with knobs is kool-er than saying very very very very kool. The language of 'kool' seems complicated but really it is awsome and kool and great and honestly easdy to understand. If you are under 30 and want to learn the lingo of kool you meet the age category - Good luck bubs!!
Girl: Do ya like me new awsome top

Mum: That is so cool and awsome (<--- epic fail-ness)

Girl: Mum my top is awsome but you are just so un-kool when you try to be 'kool!!'
by Raaawr_xx July 10, 2010

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