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One person digs up a corpse and a second places their mouth on the corpse’s genitals. The first person then stands on top of the gravestone and jumps down onto the stomach of the corpse forcing the contents in the corpse’s stomach to exit through the genitals and into the mouth of the second person.
I don't mind jumping on the the dead as long as you're down there giving them head....i'm munger jumping.
by RaMDaY December 18, 2006
A bad idea, a wrong choice. Doing something stupid.
Plugging an AC adaptor into a crowded wall outlet might make an octopus worry.
by RaMDaY December 16, 2006
The act of replacing one asian with another.
I dumped my asian girlfriend so I am hanging out at this karaoke bar to find a replasian.
by RaMDaY July 12, 2010
Affected with madness; insane; crazy.
I told her Friendly's sucked and she went coocoobeans on me.
by RaMDaY November 29, 2005
To be mad; insane; crazy.
I told her Friendly's sucked and she went cuckoobeans on me.
by RaMDaY March 09, 2006
fucking long island person
Wanna go to Long Island and see the flips?
by RaMDaY May 18, 2005
A presidential candidate who cannot be trusted.
Barack Obama cannot be trusted because he is an arab.
by RaMDaY October 17, 2008

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