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Extasy is a drug in pill form,that gives you alot more excitment during sex.
Yo,i was on the 'e last night,and i had the time of ma life,son.
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 28, 2005
A white male trying to act like he's black.Usualy a wigger lives and grows up in the suburbs,and call each of his friends nigga,even though there white boys.When a Black or Spanish(Puerto Ricans,Cubans,Italians ect.) comes into there neighborhood,they piss there pants and stares at him,while gossiping about the person,and tries to start a fight with the poor kid.All the wiggers cloths,cars,bling and assesorys are paid by the parents and usually blast rap music loud to get attention.Alot of wiggers are jealous because there not people of color,but thats just to bad.
Homie 1: Aye aye aye,ain't that a wigga right there?

Homie 2: Yeahz,ima mess that wigga up holmes.
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 27, 2005
A Working-Class town in NYC that's right next door to Brooklyn,and is close to Bushwick and Glendale.Ridgewood is atleast 25 minuits from Manhattan,if you take the M-Train that stops right in the middle of Forest Avenue.People of all races life there,which are mostly Black,Hispanic and Polish,and the apartment layouts give it more a Brooklyn look then Queens,which have great prices and can be easily afforded.Ridgewood is a great place for raising a kid,because of it's great schools and socializatian,while all the stores and transportation.
Ridgewood In Da Houuuuse!!!!
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 26, 2005
A place that in NY that borders East New York.The Heart of Cypress(hills) is in Lindin Blvd.,where the M-Train is, and is mostly dirty due to the people not caring about there community.
Cypress in da hooouse!!!!
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 28, 2005
An extremely dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn,that has a bad record of gangs,drugs,pimps and hookers.Bushwick is basicly,the ghetto and has a big population of African-Americans.
Yo,stay away from da bushwick town man,gangstas are there.
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 28, 2005
The culture someone chooses to live,and it's main music stlye is Rap and DJing. The art or Hip Hop is grafitti. The way you dress is with a Tall Tee(a shirt that goes down to you're knees),long rimmed hat,basketball sneakers,jeans(with part of underwear showing) and shorts that come down a few centermeters over you're ankels,bandanas or du-rags and for the jewelery,"bling bling". The type of dancing is also called Hip Hop,which includes Clown-Dancing,Krumping and regular Hip Hop.
Rap is the music,Hip Hop is how you live -Kurtis Blow
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 27, 2005
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