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3 definitions by RUDEDOGG65

to get jumped.

to get beat up by more than one person.
We gon' hopp this nigga.

Yo dat nigga got hopped sick!!!!

I love hopping bustas.

by RUDEDOGG65 October 02, 2006
A lil' bitch,a pussy, a busta, a scary ass

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz's dog name is todo and it's a lil' bitch
"That nigga is a todo".

"Are you gon' fuck that foo' up or what?"
"nah man"
"youza fuckin' todo"

Why you actin' like a todo?
by RUDEDOGG65 October 02, 2006
to imply that nothin' or nothin' special or important is happening, it's all good or gravy, or i'm fine.
"yo rudedogg what up motha fucka?"
"ching chong chang nigga!"

"hey dogg why was one-time at yo' house?"
"nothin' serious ching chong chang".

"hey foo' how did you like tha bitch i was tryin' to set you up with"
"ching chong chang".
by RUDEDOGG65 October 01, 2006