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3 definitions by RT3manistee1

To rape the ear
1. Man, don't ear reap me!
2. Dude, make sure when you are done ear reaping her that you get the goopey wax off ur millimeter peter homez.
3. I want to ear reap theis girl but I just don't know how to ask her.
by RT3manistee1 March 07, 2009
The Schwans Man
The Schwans Man is a petafile. He violated my penis and ass hole.
by RT3manistee1 March 07, 2009
A man in a tan truck that delievers frosty frozen dairy treats to little kids. The truck has lots of doors and is so fucking freezing cold inside. He is often a petafile.
O shit, the Schwans Man wants to rape Colten and Jesse's assholes!
by RT3manistee1 March 07, 2009