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The world's BEST city! Beats Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Excellent travel system, best shops, lots to see and do.
Mate: I'm bored, how about we go to Birmingham?
Me: No way, that place is a shithole. Let's go to London instead.
Mate: Yeh, good idea! Birmingham's full of inbreds anyway!
by RSK August 01, 2003
Said after a fart for amusement of both self and those around. Well worth it.
Little Jimmy farts
Little Jimmy: Ahhhhhh, Bisto!
Other People: Wow! He's really cool and funny!
by RSK August 09, 2003
Regency town in the centre of England. Some claim it's the dead centre of England, some don't. Plenty for the sightseeing tourist.. but not much for us local youngsters.

Local girls put the MING in to LeaMINGton Spa.

Actual full title is Royal Leamington Spa. But it's not royal... but there's plenty of salty spa water. Tastes like semen.
American Tourist 1: How about we go to Leamington Spa for the day?
American Tourist 2: Yeh, sounds great!

Local Kid 1: How about we do something?
Local Kid 2: There's jack to do, how about we loiter round Burger King?
by RSK August 01, 2003
Town centre fast food.

Available from McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.
Mikey: How about something to eat?
Timmy: I hear KFC have a new chicken flavoured dog food out at the mo?
Mikey: Let's go for it!
by RSK August 01, 2003
City in the West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, Europe, The World, The Universe.

Full of various homeless people called Dave, who won't mug you - just take your money or stab you.

Known for it's marvellous shopping, and several train stations, including Birmingham New Street - home to the world's most expensive Burger King.

How about a trip to Birmingham to go shopping, meet Dave and grab a burger on the way home?
by RSK August 01, 2003

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