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Where you go around so fucking fast and end up laughing so hard that you have to do the abdominal voorheaves and a TREMENDOUS technicolor yodel all at the same time.
That dumb mother fucker spun around so fast on the tilt a whirl that we knew he had Happy Go Pukey syndrome when he got off and called hughie at least 30 times
by RSE February 26, 2003
The things that smell like filthy putrid shit when you wear 3 pairs of dirty socks then you have someone lick them and then the smell passes on
Jason's feet smell like sweaty putrid shit
by RSE February 18, 2003
Frequently used to abbreviate Hollins University, an all girls school in South Western Virginia. HU is a lot easier for intoxicated men to say, and therefore locate. Most often seen in the away messages of Hampden Sydneyboys, the trek to HU signifies the kickoff of the weekend (always thursday)
Away Message: "Gone to HU for the weekend"
by rSe November 04, 2004

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