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Hipsters are akin to posers. The age range generally is between the ages of 17-25. Hipsters tend to listen to random indie bands that no one has ever heard of just to try an act cool amongst their friends even if the music isn't good at all. Hipsters are usually smug and think that they are on a higher plateau than that of their peers. When attending school hipsters usually have the "Pocahontas" backpack just to try and be different. Hipsters also try to rebel by smoking cigarettes in a circle of a large group of people whether or not the people in that circle are smokers, they just think that it gives them that edginess and coolness that they so desperately strive for. In summary Hipsters can be classified as a hybrid of a douchebag and poser who tries to act cooler than everyone around them and will convince themselves that they are the only one that matters.
Casual Wear: Dark thick rimmed glasses, short hair (possibly styled), wears clothing with stripes all the time, they will only wear converses.

Ways to use "Hipster" in a sentence

I'm wearing a polo, I hope I don't get taken for a Hipster.

Look at that group of Hipsters, all of them with the same shirt but just a different color.
by RPGAddict May 02, 2010

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