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When going anal with someone the one who is getting it up their ass farts. after this the fart becomes an air bubble that enters the penis head. The person giving the anal takes their penis out and then pops the air bubble with a needle.
I can't believe this. Last night while i was going anal with my girl she pulled an Arizona Air Transfer on me and now my dick hurts like a bitch.
by Rosetta Stoned May 20, 2009
when a big thunderstorm is happening a male runs out into the middle of a field ties a piece of metal around his penis waits for his soldier to stand tall. and then waits for the lightening to strike
hey man me and a bunch of the guys are heding out to the field for a north american lightening rod wanna come?!
by ROSETTA STONED May 15, 2009
When a male cuts off his testicals and puts them in a brown paper bag. after this the person walks up to a door sets the bag down on the fronstep and lights the bag on fire. Last, the male rings the doorbell and runs away and watches from a distance.
Oh my god i just gave Mr. jenkins a Nevada Nutbag and when he put out the fire and opened the bag he vomited everywhere.
by Rosetta Stoned May 20, 2009
When two males sew both of their penis shafts together. Then the 2 males make their way to a high ledge. one male jumps off the edge and the other stays there and trys not to fall.
Today my best friend Ryan died. We were doing a bungie together and when he jumped off our shafts broke apart and he droped down 60 stories to his death.
by Rosetta Stoned May 20, 2009

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