12 definitions by RMCF

The end of all intelligence in the world.
"Damn, the Topacalypse is already here, i can't remeber my name."
by RMCF January 31, 2008
synonym for Gran Canaria
"This summer i'll fly to Big C for 3 weeks"
by RMCF January 31, 2008
synonym for gay, homo or fag - if there's a homo, you don't say it him right in his face, you call him cey. you pronounce it like jay.
"Hey what's up, Cey?"
by RMCF January 30, 2008
abbreviation for more money, if youd need more money you go to your boss and tell him that you want momo
"hey boss, give me momo"
by RMCF February 01, 2008
Someone who was born 1986 in Tschernobyl,Ucraine.Most of them are Mutants without a Penis and are all time sick.
Today the work all at Rhenus.
This guy must be STANISLAV, he is shining green.
by RMCF June 18, 2007

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