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Someone who acts really hard on a message board or in an online game, but face to face they are a coward

i.e. telephone tough-guy
(person 1) wow stop using hax
(person 2) im not you noob
(person 1) you def. are modding, you super faggot
(person 2) Want me to kick your ass?? Do you know how big i am!?
(person 1) woooow cool kids, people like you and you have friends, friggin e-tuff
by RJW3 September 20, 2007
A phrase said by someone who gets destroyed in an online game, most likely halo and in a match where the person dies a lot and often. And during that match the person doesnt usually get a lot of kills.

Means the only way the other team is winning by such a large margin is by modding.
*person gets killed for the 19th time and has 2 kills, and the other team needs one more kill to win*



"no mods i swear"
by RJW3 September 20, 2007

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