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Peace Out YO

Peace goodbye.

Leaving somewhere or getting of the phone say peaceoutcho.
example 1
Guy:Yo niggs Im out
Klink: Peaceoutcho

example 2

Suri:Hey guys my cousin is coming over tonight are you guys excited or what!!
Guy: PEACEOUTCHO!! I am not stayin around!!
Klink: Your awful cousin!?? Yeah right suri have fun im out PEACEOUTCHO!!

by RIGGSSSSS January 04, 2007
When a girl goes down on you.
Example 1:

Feese:yo nigga you hit that last nite or what.
Guy:Naw bitch went downtown brown tho.

Example 2:

Guy: Whats sup with some Downtown Brown Right Now
Kristyn: DOWNTOWN BROWN!! YEAH!! (gets on her knees precedes to go downtown brown)

by RIGGSSSSS January 04, 2007

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