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The mixture of the words, "sexy" and "fantabulous"<--- "Fantastic + Fabulous" Used in context of describing someone or something where the respond, "WTF!?! Was that a compliment?"
Bill: "Hey baby your looking Sextabulous today."

Suzie: "WTF? Did you just call me?"

Bill "...Sextabulous...?"

Suzie: "Oh okay well then thank you..."

Bill: *bitch*

Suzie: "WHAT!?"

Bill: "Nothing whore"

Suzie: "Okay =D!"
by RID3R04 April 20, 2009
1. Some one you extremely dis-like.

2. A cleaning devise used for the female gender to relive their Vagina's of well sex fluids....

3. Something when you finnaly figure out what it is you go... Oh so there is something for that...
1.That guy is a COMPLETE douchebag.

2.I cannot fit it in there you better pull out the douche.

3.God using a straw is soo much harder.
by RID3R04 April 20, 2009

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