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Usually a gypsy, or an Irish-English person. Comes in handy for Irish-English Gypsies.
For every action, there is a reaction. And a Pikey reaction is quite a fucking thing.
by RENEGATUS DOT COM February 04, 2004
Chanted by human infidels when superior robots enter the room. All must rise and chorus this cherubine verse 3 times to escape getting their skull pulped by the God of all robots, Robot Frank. Remember that we all live in The Matrix and inevitably will meet our demise if we don't cooperate with the machines. Neo is an eluded fantasy and he will bring the destruction fo the world. Frank forver.
"Troninnit, troninnit, troninnit, for the Lords of the Land, thy robots doth quoth."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 20, 2003
When snorting too much ketamine at the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, some users can enter a k-hole, now called k-henge.
"That dude is gonna be in a K-Henge for at least 3 days."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM June 28, 2007
If you've ever heard a gun load, you'll know what noise it makes. The noise is "ching-chang" and can be used any time you feel necessary. Usually, it is used to highlight one's awesomeness, or true style and pimpin'. See zing.
A: "Man, my girl gotta move her blog 'cause her friend is jealous of us!"
B: "You're such a vato right now, yo."
A: "Ching chang."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM September 05, 2005
1. Used in SMS messaging as substitute for "the". Derrived from the original "v" and sarcasticated by adding "jz".
"Do u hav jz v code 4 max payn on xb?"
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 12, 2003
Used in place of "o"'s in any word. If a "u" or "w" follows then the "u" or "w" can be excluded.
"Thahwe dahwen't knahwe."
"Hahwe dahwe yahwe dahwe that game?"
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 18, 2003
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