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The state in which the United States today is in; extreme unawareness about the world around you and the history of it. Ignorance people are usually proud of people ignorant, one of the saddest things that our pathetic world has acomplished.
Fag: I'm ignorant!! YUSSSS! ignorance is the shieett!
Cool person: Loser. ignorance isn't something to be proud of.
by REBECCCCAAAA October 13, 2005
Good sounding bad idea- a notion that seems great on the surface, but when put into action is actually bad.
At the time, who knew that communism was just another GSBI?
by REBECCCCAAAA October 13, 2005
A shallow, superficial, materialistic clothing brand that encourages ignorance and superficiality among teenagers and uses pornographic images in their ads. They use phrases on their t-shirts such as "school should be optional" or "I don't school let get in the way of my social life," forcing idiocy upon teenagers. Abercrombie and Fitch brain-washes teenagers into believing that $60 for a t-shirt is not at all expensive. In addition, a size XL from Abercrombie and Fitch is about equivalent to a size Medium at another store.
1. My not being able to fit into the size XXXXXXS jeans at Abercrombie and Fitch led to me anorexia.

2. I don't think knowledge and education hold any significant value, because Abercrombie and Fitch said so.
by REBECCCCAAAA October 12, 2005
A political-economic system in which the government owns all businesses, all wealth is divided among the citizens, and the citizens receive free education and health care. Communism also allows no religion and forces its atheist propaganda among its citizens. Communism would be a wonderful system of government if the Soviet political leaders weren't a bunch of asses who only cared about themselves.
Communism: You and everyone in your neighborhood have two cows. The cows are sent to the neighborhood barn where they are all taken care of equally, and everybody shares the milk.

Soviet Communism: You have two cows. You take care of the cows and the government takes the milk.
by REBECCCCAAAA October 13, 2005
I don't mean anything racist by this, but most "pimps" are in fact black. What strikes me as the strangest thing is that black people are so against slavery (since they were enslaved themselves prior to 140 years ago) and the ownership of human beings thereof, yet they so strongly believe in the ownership of "hoes" or "bitches." Basically a "pimp" is an extreme jackass and ignorant hypocrite.
1. OMFG i am such a motherfucking PIMP, bro! i am a complete arrogant and idiotic asshole who thinks owning human beings us supposedly wrong, yet i believe in owning women! ohh, i am so cool, man. WORD.
by REBECCCCAAAA October 13, 2005

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