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Un mixed blonde have yellow skin, orange type skin. Yellow hair , blue eyes. Sadanavian region
Blonde race: Susan summers, John Denver.
by RCavox July 18, 2006
Any human that has light skin: from Brown passing yellow to very white. Majority are round eyes, thin lips, manily non stocky body bone structure and tall and head bone structure is, head hieght is at least twice as long as width.( as oppose to Asian, where height alomost equal width)usually made up of 2 to 3 variations
(A) southern euro's, white with brown hair and brown eyes.
(B) Blonde, light yellow to very yellow texture skin, blue eyes, also produce red hair
(C) The trillion man mix or the euro-mix(NOTE: not really too much considered a mix): white and blonde(Blonde are sometime called white as well for simplicity, but may not necessarily have white skin just as a brown type skin caucasian)
Caucasians(very losely white, since again, blonde don't natually have white skins but very close light to dark yellow)
Majority, usually see themselves as the same race even though they know they are not.
by Rcavox July 19, 2006

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