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2 definitions by RCU

The place where you umbilical cord used to plug in when you were a little fetus. That's how you got nutrition from Mom.

When they snipped it off, it made an ugly scab, on your belly whuch healed and left a little knob about the size of a button. If they didn't trim it enough, it's an outie, and if they trimmed it weel it's an innie.

The belly button collects little balls of fuzz called nerds.

If you poke somone in the belly buttton, they might laugh like the Pillsbury dough boy.
"Look down at your genitals, and then up about 6 inches. Yeah, that's your belly button. "
by RCU December 03, 2006
293 114
The cartoony mascot for Pillbury baking products, this little white thing would say he-heeeeeeee when you poke him in the tummy.
"That's about as annoying as the Pillsbury dough boy].
by RCU December 03, 2006
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