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What 90% of the human population is.
Me: Wow she is so ugly.

Friend: Yeah, but we are too.
by RCampz December 11, 2010
"whatever floats your boat" - whatever makes you happy. Caulk wagon is taken from the classic Apple II game Oregon Trail. A phrase meant to sound dirty when its really not.
ME: I'm gonna fuck MAD BITCHES

Hunter: Hey man, whatever caulks your wagon.
by RCampz November 09, 2009
similar to "whatever caulks your wagon", both taken from the classic Apple II Game Oregon Trail. Both mean "Whatever makes you happy"
Me: I'm gonna kick that ginger.

Hunter: Hey man, Whatever fords your river.
by RCampz November 10, 2009
(v.) The act of one eating their own semen or the semen of family members.
Me: Did you here about Rob last night?

Friend: No what happened.

Me: Him and his dad Malachowskyed...

Friend: Thats messed up.
by RCampz December 15, 2010
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