2 definitions by RC (bitch)

Where one spins his dick in a circlular motion while standing or dancing.
"Dude I just paid some guy 20 bucks to get dickacoptered in the face."
by RC (bitch) September 20, 2006
Sometimes, usually when drinking, your dick becomes encapsulated with clittoral material. Then, upon having such a "clit-dick", if you will, you then proceed to have anal sex with wild gay people and end up with glitter upon your member. Thus, "Clitterdick".
I got totally WASTED on Tequila and Advil, went to fourteen gay bars, a lesbian bar, and a ranch, and eneded up with "Clitterdick"!! And I'm never going back to "original" dick!!
by RC (bitch) July 31, 2006

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