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2 definitions by RBKC34

A discretionary savings account set aside for university undergraduate students exclusively used for the purchasing of contraseptive devises and/or any sexual activities those devises could be used for: condoms, KY jelly, pornographic images of all kinds, whips and chain, stripper-parties, prostitutes, etc. This type of fund is inspired by the law students of Georgetown University, but could be used quite effectively at any institution of higher learning. However, the fund can't be used to buy alcohol since Fluke Funds are entirely fueled by tax-payer contributions. Sexual activities, not excluding orgies, are the only things the account can cover.
"Say, Dude. I'm seeing Cassandra tonight."
"Man, she's a dirty skank! You need rubbers?"
"Nah. I got cash in my Fluke Fund."
"Well, pray they don't break. Your dick will fall off if they do."
by RBKC34 March 08, 2012
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n; A spoon-fork hybred eating utensil that is often misidentified as a spork due to mistaken classification. A true spork, while rounded on the ends, has tines that extend to at least the middle of the utensil face and a slightly flatter surface. The tines of a froon extend only a quarter of the distance of the utensil's body, thus rendering it more spoon than fork. Froons are hince more appropriate for more heavily-sauced items than a true spork.
by RBKC34 October 02, 2011
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