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1 definition by RB94oo

A town that was once mainly white people is now the highest gang area in Durham. This is because the north end is either shitty houses with immigrants or overflow dicks from Scarborough or farms that are under urban sprawl pressure. The urban sprawl I'm guessing will end in Ajax at Deer Creek because rich people and rich farmers own lots above there. J. Clarke Richardson's black to white ratio is like 4000 to 1 i swear to god. Dennis O'Connor is mainly catholic people (no shit) who like to do drugs and get in fights and wear their sweater vests and trouser uniforms in a 'gangsta' fashion. Ajax High and most of Southern/Mid Ajax is like 95% white people. Ajax High is mainly preps, skaters and a small ass population of goth and black people who all hang in the same area. Ajax doesn't have many fights because everyone who is outside the school is ripped. There really isn't much to do in South Ajax, when you think about it, there's no attraction but we do fun stuff like go to jams that are all in the Lakeside area. Afterwards, the Sunday is pretty quiet because of the mass population of hang overs.
I live in South Ajax. Everyone I know does the same thing. It's like a schedule of retardedness. Yay!

Let's go to Ajax Ontario!
by RB94oo May 15, 2009
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