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1. The highest form of "spacing out" known to man, normally comes after smoking enough marijuana.

2. The third part in a three part cycle during the smoking of marijuana/pot (buzzed, high, stoned). Generally the weirdest point, where even the lines dividing lanes on the road can become the most interesting thing you've ever seen. Also that can be included as side effects random laughing, munchies, and just overall spaced out.

1. I was so stoned that I just stared at the T.V. for 3 hours straight not realizing what the fuck was going on around me.

2. "Yo, Tim did you get stoned man?"

"Hellz yeah, I couldn't help but stare at your family portrait for two hours while just sporadically laughing my ass off. Damn that picture must have a spell on it or some shit."

3. "So like I was saying, wait, what was I saying?"
by RAWR...Lolz April 13, 2009
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