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A teen actress who got pregnant at 16 and is ratted on by everyone for using her sister's fame to her own advantage, even though that is basically what business is about... using what you go to get you somewhere besides your parents couch.

She also decided that she would quit her career as an actress to take care of her baby, unlike her sister who just passed the kids off to either their even worse off father or a nanny...
OMG, Jamie Lynn Spears is such a ho! she's only famous cuzza her big sis, Britney! ugh!
by RAW<3 August 30, 2009
When female's vaginal discharge is so acidic is bleaches the crotch of their panties...

Very common, yet no doctor seems to be able to give an answer when asked about it...
Hey Leesh?
Um, why'd you bleach the crotch of your underwear?
I didn't... it was my highly acidic discharge that made the Acidcrotch...
Oh... okay...
by RAW<3 July 31, 2009

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