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2 definitions by R32_Driver

A line of cars manufactured for use only in Japan, although numerous low volume imports can be had for virtually Japanese prices in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Select few are imported to the US via Motorex.

The car is assumed to be the GT-R however this is not the case. The car comes in many variants including:
GTS - 2.0L or 2.5L N/A ~ 90-100kw at the wheels. Rear Wheel Drive.
GTSt - 2.0L or 2.5L Single Turbo ~ 140-150kw at the wheels. Rear Wheel Drive.
GTS4 - 2.0L or 2.5L Single Turbo ~ 140-150kw at the wheels. All Wheel Drive.
GT-R - 2.6L Twin Turbo ~ 140-150kw at the wheels. Rear Wheel Drive.

Oh and when I bought my R32 GTR I dyno'd it stock before I began modding to use as a benchmark, and it made 308hp at all 4 wheels, dunno where you guys keep pulling facts from.

Skylines are as common as fvck in some countries outside of the US (maybe you guys should broaden your perspectives a little), where they're cheap to maintain and cheap to modify, turbo upgrades, cooling, ECU's, fuel management, exhausts, gaskets, headers pistons etc are all available over the counter at most performace shops (which don't sell ricey shit). Its not a pretty car, its not a beasty V8 car. Its an efficient , technologically advanced car and its simply fun to drive.

The persona of the Skyline was disintegrated by the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious which is a benchmark for many kids around the world, who now believe the R34 Skyline is the godsend for civics, and all anti ricers to believe that all R34's come stock with Neons and NOS. This couldn't be further from the truth as you'll find most Skylines around the world are owned by enthusiasts and purists who have to have the "go" before the "show".

One other thing... outside of the US not many performance hungry countries use "NOS" (and its nitrous dioxide, not a brand name). Most GTRs are modified to be highly powerful without it (as the saying goes down here... "NOS is for civics").
"I want to import a Nissan Skyline"
"Did you see that Skyline drive by?"
by R32_Driver November 29, 2003
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Whoops while copying and pasting (too lazy to type) I made this mistake:

GT-R - 2.6L Twin Turbo ~ 140-150kw at the wheels. Rear Wheel Drive.

it should read:
GT-R - 2.6L Twin Turbo ~ 230kw at all 4 wheels (according to the manual, however this is a rounded figure used by the japanese car companies including Mitsubishi and Subaru to comply with emission standards). All Wheel Drive.

Also with reference to the Nitrous Dioxide, it is used around the world in drag car racing, but in reference to Skylines outside of the US hardly anyone uses them, as it is illegal in most countries to have NO2 in a street car.
I Think I saw a Skyline
by R32_Driver November 30, 2003
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