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A smart, kick-ass dude whose brilliance and good looks puts others to shame.

Dustin has many references in both movies and songs:

In the beginning of Kung Fu Panda, the quote "There's no charge for awesomeness, or attractiveness" directly refers to a Dustin. In the song, "Another One Bites the Dust" the songwriter implies that many have attempted to best a Dustin, but they all will & have failed to do so. In the song "Dustin-the-Wind" the songwriter clearly refers to everyone desiring for the chance to be just one speck of the greatness we refer to as Dustin.
Who is that wiked awesome man? Clearly he is a Dustin.
Just the shear thought of a Dustin makes me want to bate.
"Why haven't you gotten a raise?" "Because I work with a Dustin."
by R2DW February 05, 2010
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