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Facebook friend pruning. Your present friend count is your starting point, from which you trim the ranks until you are at roughly 30% of the original count. You have one hour for the initial pruning.
After the initial friendship holocaust (mass deletion session), bonsai theory applies. You must never be content with your network - allow it to grow, while at the same time trimming it back to maintain balance. Feel free to re-add friends as they re-enter your life. Your goals are minimalism and overall quality.
"I started practicing bonsai Facebook about 3 months ago, going from 337 to 78. The steady-state appears to be around 85, and my friends are top-notch."
by R.M. Remlinger March 23, 2010
noun: A theory describing a phenomenon whereby an individual or group/demographic has fallen so far behind in their understanding of technology that it presents a survival risk for them in going about their day-to-day life. The theory stipulates that those exhibiting the characteristics of Technological Darwinism fall into over-50 and under-50 individuals, the net population effect of the two age groups being a moron-equilibrium. The key here is societal influence. Technological Darwinists will continue to lose power and influence in society, thereby drowning them out of both culture and history. They will eventually 'go extinct' insofaras losing the respect of their families, peers, and countrymen.
Emerging research suggests a cure for the phenomenon and experimentation is presently underway, aimed at extracting this youth-essence from the young and transplanting it into the aged, reference: stem cell research. The cure is near, yet every day thousands of Technological Darwinists order scores of counterfeit youth-essence pills via spam and phishing emails from Chinese hackers.
Interesting corollary found in the idea that as the level of technology grows at an ever-increasing rate, the amount of effort required to be tech savvy will increase at a similar rate.

The traits they exhibit do not benefit their survival in a technologically controlled environment.
Contextual reference first presented by R.M. Remlinger in 2010.
Technological Darwinism is found almost exclusively in imbeciles and the elderly, not mutually exclusive here,
1. crashing their PCs and allowing their bank accounts to be drained by a Nigerian prince speaking in toddler-English via an unsolicited email, either by downloading strange attachments or replying with their sensitive account security details.
2. See: Senator Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens & Senator John "I don't know how to use a computer and I ran for President of the United States in the 21st century" McCain
3. Qualifier: Any person who has responded to an email touting overseas discount "V!A_GRA" sold by the case.
4. "The trending advancements in technology will serve as the extinction level event necessary to rid the power elite of Technological Darwinism."
by R.M. Remlinger February 16, 2010

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