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Person dedicated to MMA, hard-working, and also loves to smoke weed and also funny
Man I smoked w/ julio orozco

Dude don't mess w/ him he's julio orozco
by r. kelly March 20, 2013
A hater is someone who is jealous and envious of you because they missed their opportunity and they are afraid that you are going to receive something they didn't.
When you start out as someone's co-host on the radio - but everyone calls in to listen and make positive comment toward you and the host of the show has been at it for 16 years and continues to receive negative feed back from seasoned on air radio personalities.

Hater is when you obtain your own show to produce, host, and yet offered another opportunity to go to New York to host yet another station and the former host constantly has his friends and relitives call into the radio management and make complaints to have your show taken off of the air - NOT! Watch your Karma has been and never was nor gonna be!!!

Herion causes lots of time to be lost - and loosing is for losers - and you've lost! Too bad the "just say no to drugs" campagne was not available during your youth!

Stop hating and perfect your craft already!!!

P.S. Thanks for getting up on Saturdays so early to listen to my show bioche!!!

May God Bless You!
by R. Kelly September 24, 2006
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