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Nickel Rocket ni*kel-rock*it noun, verb, -Nickel Rocket·ed, -Nickel Rocket·ing. Informal.

noun 1. a person who is stingy and miserly. reluctant to give or spend; not generous; niggardly; penurious.

verb (used without object) 2. to act in a stingy or miserly way. scanty or meager.
1. (noun) Donald Trump bought Ed McMahon's house to save it from foreclosure and then leased it back to him! Ed McMahon is a real nickel rocket!

2. (verb) DC from marketing put me on a southwest flight, he is really nickle rocketing my travel plans.

3. (verb) CC took me to his private golf course on Saturday. He nickel rocketed the driving range golf ball machine by using a fake slug that jammed the ball dispenser.
by R. Hesse August 15, 2008
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