6 definitions by R G

An imaginary word that is made up by niggas that are high
that Schnasberry tastes like Schnasberry
by R G October 13, 2003
the swinging of ones nuts onto someone else shoulder
jonny nuts swing onto matts shoulder.
PS he does it with love
by R G October 13, 2003
A lil desterbed boy that jacks of for longer than 1 hour and a half before cuming
"last night boys, i had to switch hands again"
by R G October 15, 2003
a shit like thing
wat are you caling an isaw, its called a home, ya dickhead
by R G October 13, 2003
when you wake up with a woody
Matt wakes up at RGs house with a morning wood
by R G October 13, 2003
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