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A city mostly filled with jocks and preppies that are rich, spoiled and immature. And extremely fake. Greystone is where all the WASPs are, the people are snooty and stuck up and the kids are backstabbers and they talk behind peoples backs all the time. Then there's the most part of it which is filled with jocks who live in nice houses and get everything they want. And there's a small ghetto too that brings down the average income and stuff majorly. A lot of people go to country clubs like greystone golf club, Hoover country club, Altadena valley, riverchase, etc. there are some people like me who aren't stuck up or preppy that make it ok but for the most part Hoover is mini palo alto.
Hoover, alabama the fakest place outside of Fairfield county.
by Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbv August 13, 2012
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