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1. Russian/Ukrainian/Belorus, and later, Soviet Battle cry meaning "For the Motherland!"

2. The soundtrack to a Nazi's nightmare
Franz: "Lets invade the USSR, jah?"
Johann: "Jah"
Ivan: "Za Rodinu!"
Johann and Franz: "HOOOOOLY KRAAP!"
by qwert May 02, 2005
1. Soviet battle cry. see za rodinu.
Soviet guy: For the Motherland!
German guy: Run away!
by qwert May 02, 2005
Named after William Shatner's famous method of acting where lines are delivered with long pauses between them, the shatner is a sexual move where when performing oral sex on a guy, the girl gags, vomits (the pause), and goes back to performing oral sex.
The first time she tried to deep throat, she pulled a shatner.
by QwerT June 15, 2004
=an odd fellow, from an odd family, she feeds mostly on croisants and cappuchino, occasionally hanging with odd fellows from other states in a weekend-long festival perpetuated by a secret order dedicated to the overthrow of the Government of Canada. This event occurs thrice a year in undisclossed locations.
=Any of the small, tatooed carnivorous animals that live in Lower New York State.
That woman is such a Daydreemie, she wants to burn down Toronto!
by Qwert April 04, 2005
A Syme is a person who steals every single one of their sayings from a T.V. show, and is known to use them as their own. Also known to be unkind to others and has a habit of storing "used" kleenex in their dresser drawers.
"Matthew" is such a Syme. All he does is say lines Ralph Wiggum says in The Simpsons.
by Qwert April 21, 2004
Eh, Coulda worked...
Russia with communism was wierd, Russia without communism sucks.
by qwert April 22, 2005

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