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a currently completely legal drug in the united states that looks a lot like potpurri but gives out effects very similar to marijuana, sometimes called roses. It is actually synthesized THC but does not come up on a drug test.
"K2 is legal in kansas, but the dumb-fuck government has to ruin everything for everyone, like, if a bill to save babies for $5 dollars a year total comes along, it takes them 19 fucking cunt months to pass the fucking bill but when K2 comes along and doesn't hurt any-fucking-body, it takes them 2 hours to pass the bill.... i fucking hate the government"
#roses #pot #weed #legal #illegal
by Quit Raping my Cat February 05, 2010
People who party

People who drink, use recreational drugs, have sex, gamble, dance and fight in the name of fun. these people are often found attempting to either start or enter a party.
Jim- Dude, your such a partyer, you went out monday, tuesday, thursday, and sunday this week and got fucked up

Dude- i know bra! i love partyers
#party #drunk #partyers #alcohol #beer
by Quit Raping my Cat March 08, 2010
a sweet kanye west song, from College Dropout his only good album, before he got cocky. But this album and song he did was amazing
"Have you listened to Family Business, that shit entrances me"
#kanye west #family #business #children #rapper
by Quit Raping my Cat April 07, 2010
When you find a song you really like, listen to over and over until you can't listen to it anymore, but you can't listen to any other song either, rendering you from being able to listen to music
"man, i listened to Feel me Flow by Naughty by Nature 62 times in one day according to itunes, but i can't listen to anything else, I'm Between a song and a hard place"
#music #ipod #itunes #song #irritating
by Quit Raping my Cat January 16, 2010
Stuff you need for a party, could be anything. Alcohol, drugs, pipes, papers, girls, cigs, lighters, trampolines, pools, etc.
Have you seen steven's party fair, i bet he spent two hundred bucks on jagermeister alone, it's gonna be sick
#party #drunk #partyers #alcohol #beer
by Quit Raping my Cat March 08, 2010
This is when you put something on a cord, and when you set the said item down the cord immediately shifts causing the said item to change direction and piss the said owner of the item off tremendously, because the only way to fix this is to hold the item in place
Jake "dude why is your ipod in pieces, man"

Brian "it kept fuckin movin around so it wasn't in the right position for me to see the screen, i went beserk"

Jake " It's the Cord Problem man"
#ipod #speaker #adapter #cord #anger
by Quit Raping my Cat January 16, 2010
Fish and Grits is a soul food that is known for being eaten by pimps, and is often served with hennessy. Often served in the south. It is in the lyrics of ATLiens by Outkast.
"If you like Fish and Grits and all that pimp shit, everybody let me here you say Oh Yayer"

"that bitch better bring me my henny, so my meal of fish and grits will be complete"
#fish #grits #yayer #pimps #henessy #outkast
by Quit Raping my Cat January 16, 2010
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