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A BRILLANT gothic rock band who come from the Netherlands, and have an amazing sound. They have two albums out, 'Mother Earth' and 'Silent Force', and both aren't as popular as they deserve to be.
Like Evanescence but more raw. SO GOOOOOOOOOD! (Their best songs *I think* are 'Aquarius', 'It's the fear' and 'Angels'.)
by Quirkycat January 02, 2005
1. A group of girls who like fashion who live in the Harajuka district of Tokyo.
2. The title of a Gwen Stefani song.
I was walking in Tokoyo and I saw a girl dressed as if she was on the catwalk - must be a Harajuko girl.
by Quirkycat December 30, 2004
If you say someones's being a tit, they're acting stupid or fooling around. Like fanny or twat.
Ie, 'Stop being such a tit!'
'Oh, that's just them - they're such a bunch of tits!'
by Quirkycat December 30, 2004
When something embarrassing happens, you just have to 'cringe'.
Or, if you say you were 'cringing', you were very embarressed.
'OMG, when I slipped on the banana in front of my crush, I just had to CRINGE!
by Quirkycat December 30, 2004
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