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The act of depositing your load in a girls belly button then, smacking her belly button so your jiz splatters all over like you hit a pothole.
John : " Aw man i gotta wash my sheets after work tonight"
Patrick: "Oh ya whyzat?"
John: " I Manhattan Potholed this chick and it got EVERYWHERE!"
by Quirk37 January 26, 2011
when a stagehand forgets a cue or mess's up a cue they have been doing for a long time.
Usually an excuse for being on the cell phone or not paying attention.
Must be the early stages of "Stagehiemers".
by Quirk37 January 17, 2011
When receiving a blow-job and the blower proceeds to sneezes on your penis them proceeds to finish you anyway snot and all.
Yeah she had a cold so it was more of an irish lolipop than a bj.
by Quirk37 February 02, 2011

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