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A FOX television show premiering in 1995 detailing the dimensional travels, or "Sliding" of Quinn Mallory, Wade Wells, Professor Maximilian Arturo, and Rembrandt 'Crying Man' Brown.
Rembrandt: Being Sliders, what are we going to slide into next Q-ball?
Quinn: How about my ass?
Arturo: Splendid, I second the notion Mr. Mallory!
by Quinn Mallory January 08, 2006
IRIX n. A variant of the UNIX Operating System designed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. to run on its MIPS processor based, IRIS graphical workstations.

Origin: Greek, meaning "Falcon." Also, a possible combination of the terms IRIS and UNIX, "Integrated Raster Imaging uniX."
My girlfriend sat on my face and made me toss her salad for 12 hours. She said it was because "You give that damn IRIX box more attention than me."
by Quinn Mallory January 27, 2006
n. To receive a blowjob or "fellatio" from SNL cast member Horatio Sanz.
1. I heard Tina Fey got a Fellatio Sanz after last week's episode of SNL. YES THAT'S RIGHT, TINA FEY.

2. Maybe if Hertio Sanz were funnier he could get more work and wouldn't have to give other men the Fellatio Sanz to get rent money.
by Quinn Mallory February 07, 2006
n. The combination of amniotic fluid, blood, placenta giblits, and vaginal secretions that pour from the vagina immediately after the birth of a child. Visually, Afterbirth resembles a watered down mixture of Applesauce, Ketchup, and Mustard. Modern myth suggests that Afterbirth gives special properties and or magic powers if consumed, but this is purely speculation.

Unfounded claims concerning Afterbirth:
1. One of KFC's the 12 secret herbs and spices.
2. The secret to Dick Clark's youthful appearence.
3. The real reason John F. Kennedy was shot.
4. Found in all varities of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
5. What George Lucas really spends all his money on.

See also: chunky beef stew
Sebastian fell to his knees, rolled out his tongue like a dog, and began laping up his wife's precious Afterbirth from the hospital floor.
by Quinn Mallory January 12, 2006
adj. Acronym for "Scalable Processor ARChitecture": The processor type designed by Bill Joy and used in SUN Microsystems computers running Solaris.
The System Operator said that if I touched those SUN SPARC Stations on the raised floor he would stomp my balls.
by Quinn Mallory October 25, 2005
1. Former U.S. Vice President.
2. Grower of beards.
3. Practioner of Black Magic.
4. Inventor of the Internet (most important).
Tyler: Hey, you want to go to church with me?
Jack: Church?
Tyler: Yeah, the Church of Al Gore's Beard!
Jack: Sweet, I'm there!
by Quinn Mallory December 21, 2005
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