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a term of endearment expressed from one refined gentleman to another, most commonly at social garden events. A man that is well suited for the daughter of a wealthy man. often dressed in tails and a waist coat and would be deemed a 'plonker' in modern society.
Hey Olde Boye, have you noticed Mr Lawson's daughter? She has a derrier that I would love to smother in quince paste
by Quincemaster May 29, 2013
A tree-eating tree-monster from Asia. It is similar to the ones on lord of the rings but pure evil. It will not rest until it eats all other trees in the world, including other quinces. There can be only one.
OMG, last night our town got wrecked by a huge quince. It ate all the other trees and killed everyone!
by quincemaster February 20, 2011

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