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When jaw dropping just isn't enough.
Sarah Murdoch's drop jopped, she brought her hand to her mouth, started tearing-up and was left speechless.
by Quin452 October 18, 2010
A disease or illness which affects the brain and mental abilities. It renders those infected in a cave-man like state, and turns them into an extreme light-weight, offering many hours of high quality entertainment.
Doctor: "I'm afraid he's got Deniyitus"

Mama-Deni: "Is that anything like what his brother has"

Doctor: "No, Dinoyism also makes them uncool"
by Quin452 October 21, 2009
The name given to someone suffering from Denism.
"Why are you so stupid!"

"Hey, don't call him that - he's Deniyistic"
by Quin452 October 21, 2009
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