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11 definitions by Quilly The Porcupine

Any kind of low budget alcohol drank out of desperation at a party after all the good booze is gone.
Mark: Any beer left?
Janet: No, but I think there is a couple of bottles of penis grease upstairs in the pantry
by Quilly the Porcupine April 29, 2009
Same word or sentence typed at the same time while two people are chatting online
I got E-Jinxed e-jinxed because my girl & I typed the same sentence at the same time while chatting the other night
by Quilly the Porcupine April 22, 2009
A band in the midwest created by a musician from Seattle.
Hey, I went onto Garageband.com the other day and found a cool sounding band named Capitol Dog. Their music is diverse and rocks almost like alternative. Capitol Dog
by Quilly The Porcupine July 13, 2009
Nursing or retirement home. Any place where people reside in numbers while waiting for the end of life.
I need to go see my grandma at the human warehouse.
by Quilly The Porcupine January 26, 2011