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Named after the legendary doorm room at Kent State University in Ohio, this term is deemed "smoke two" corresponding to the ever popular "4:20" (four-twenty) time to blaze.

Room 626 of Wright Hall was well known for its abundance of marijuana, as well as its inevitable smoking environment. Many students of Kent State would randomly drop by for a smoke. Above all, room 626 is most well remembered as a place to party. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Towards the end of the first semester, KSU security, and Kent Police Department began to make frequent stops at the room. A total of three marijuana busts took place at this location.

Conveniently enough, 6:26 is aproximately two hours after 4:20. Another perfect time to blaze!
Hey man, It's 626!
Hell yeah! Time to blaze again!
by QuikSilverMD February 21, 2007

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