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The best electro-goth band in the world, its made up of two gay supermodels and a few girls... pretty darn impressive if you ask anyone who has at least half a brain cell
dude! Fichserspooner rock!
by Quietwarmth December 30, 2004
Extreme Boredom! featured in 'Emerge'- a song by Fischerspooner, the greatest Eloctro-Goth band in the world.
'Oh my God! I am suffering from hyper mediocrity!'
by Quietwarmth December 30, 2004
The most beautiful girl in the world...
No one has ever seen anything quite like her
by Quietwarmth December 30, 2004
A prune eating chicken, often mistaken for the sexiest guy on earth... May take over the world!

Beware of his left eye!
A small male human being
by Quietwarmth December 26, 2004
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