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A sweet tasting yet extremely lethal concoction which leaves you with a blue-green tongue if you drink enough of it.

It consists of:

- 1 shot vodka
- 1 shot gin
- 1 shot bacardi
- 1 shot white tequila
- 1 DASH blue curaçao
- 1 DASH cointreau (don't over-do this or else it tastes nasty)
- 1 can of redbull

Pour over crushed ice in a pint glass and enjoy
I once drank 6 pints of Bullfrog and passed out
by Quicksand Jesus April 20, 2004
Character from The League of Gentlemen (Series 2), played by Reece Shearsmith. A mysterious individual who travels with 'Mama' Lazarou, 3 dwarves and a 7ft Scottish giant among others - Papa Lazarou's Pandemonium Carnival. Origin unknown (possibly French?), has a black face (painted, like a minstrel) and gravelly voice. Operates under the facade of a circus owner/door-to-door peg salesman but what he really does is "collect" (ie. steal) peoples wives - exact number unknown but thought to be in the hundreds. Often speaks in gibberish and sometimes disguises himself as "Keith" (Series 3) - who would strike most as being somewhat homosexual. Will ask for your wedding ring and if you give it to him, your fate is sealed! He will tell you "You're my wife now!" before sticking you in a cage with his other "wives" where you will be hosed down by the dwarves
Autom... sprow. Cana... tik bana! Sandwol... but no sera smee?
by Quicksand Jesus April 20, 2004
Nickname for a Jehovah's witness
Shane Park is a joho
by Quicksand Jesus April 21, 2004
A word that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever
Guy 1 - Hey mate, how's it going?
Guy 2 - Piokfsds
Guy 1 - What?!
by Quicksand Jesus May 11, 2004
A small area between some toilets and the canteen at Mosgiel Intermediate School. If you got pushed in there, you were deemed a 'wanker' for the rest of the school year
Shane Park got thrown in the wankers pit, so he was a 'wanker' for the rest of 1990
by Quicksand Jesus April 19, 2004
Something I did last night
Last night I had sex with one of the 17 women I have fucked before, with my cock of 7 inches
by Quicksand Jesus April 18, 2004
A language that Papa Lazarou occasionally speaks in
Autom... sprow. Cana... tik bana! Sandwol... but no sera smee?
by Quicksand Jesus April 21, 2004
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