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Greatest place in the Midwest. A place where the street gangs are actually home grown unlike New York. No Bloods and Crips here, just Peoples and Folks. There are three sides, North, South, and West. The South Side is divided into Southwest and Southeast depending on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The North Side gets a rep for pussy ass white yuppies. The South Side and West Side is the real city aside from fancy skyscrapers you hear about. Chicago is a place dick ridden by people from Milwaukee, Indiana, Detroit, and most of all downstate. True capital of Illinois, home to the Sears Tower and birthplace of skyscrapers and the tallest buildings in the world.
People in Detroit don't like Chicago, because we actually have something to appeal to tourist. Many wannabe Chicago's in the Midwest, but there's only one.
by Quickdraw January 09, 2005
Asiatic people who migrated to the American Continents. They were the first explorers of the "new world". They were called "Indians" by the Europeans who wrongly believed that they had found India. The Natives were pushed off of their land by whites who believed in Manifest Destiny. As a result, the Native Americans are minorities in extreme terms. Not all mixed with blacks during slavery. That's a lie, some mixed after slavery as freed men such as my family in the 1950's, these people are called Griffes. Confused with Mulattos but we are not Mulattos.
Hasapa hemacha/Lakhota. My two people
by Quickdraw January 03, 2005
My favorite city to visit outside my hometown Chicago. It's my second home along wit New Orleans.
If I'm going down South, I'm talking bout ATL and NO.
by Quickdraw January 09, 2005
Cool city but not Chicago.
Folks like Sparty get off our dicks.
by Quickdraw January 09, 2005
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