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Speed soap is a foamy spray soap that you spray on in the shower, for a quick shower.

Speed soap is also quick because it's hair and shaving friendly should you choose to use it for those.

If you are in a super hurry and you happen to be without shaving cream, shampoo, face soap, or hair conditioner, speed soap can fill in just fine. You won't notice any difference. Plus, speed soap is actual soap, not Sodium lauryl sulfate and other un-natural detergents that strip skin, not simply clean it like a real soap.

Hot Mess is the only brand of speed soap that I know of. It's for women. Their slogan says it's for women who want to do more. I can vouch for that!
Get in the shower, get wet, spray the speed soap on your body once, rub it in, rinse it off, and go.
by QuickShowerSherrie July 13, 2013
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