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1. The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle squared, which is equal to the sum of each of the other sides squared.

2. A shortcut between two destinations that resembles the C side of a right triangle.

3. Standing to the left or right of a beirut table to shoot with the line of the diagonal cups.
1. A² + B² = C²

2. "Why go all the way down this street and take a right to get to town? Just hit up the C²."

3. Lloyd - "Hey! Why are you standing to the side? Thats closer to the cups!"
Dave - "What the hell are you talking about, Lloyd? I'm the C² of this shit."
#algebra #beirut #shortcut #math #beer
by QueueTip November 16, 2005
Rhymes that are so incredibly good. The person who these rhymes are directed towards will feel pain just by the shear depth and phatness of the rhymes themselves.
Thug 1: Heads know that this chump is gonna get whalloped by the epic verses that Q-Tip will spit.
Thug 2: Fo' real. The verbal abuse inflicted upon that Sucka MC will be severe.
#rhyme #rapper #freestyle #verbal tactics #a tribe called quest
by QueueTip February 28, 2006
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